Sheroes, here, are mostly women who have fought back for life and survival through heinous chemical burns and are now, on a course to define themselves as 'fighters'. Courageous fighters who walk with scars.

And this Hangout is where empowerment of women no more remains a widely funded phenomena, but materialises in form of a readers' cafe, an activism workshop, a community radio hub, and an exhibit space, where works crafted by Sheores will be on display.

The new wave feminism evolves at the Hangout through critical issues that cripple women and devoid them of equal opportunities. The irony is such issues are abundant in South-Asian cultures, and it is this irony that pushed our Sheroes to set this Hangout here, in the city that boasts of the monument of love.

Sheroes Hangout is an initiative by Stop Acid Attacks campaign that was founded in New Delhi in 2013. As the idea of this space has evolved from a campaign for acid attack survivors, the ideas of beauty and importance of appearance in society remain the epicentre of discussions and programmes run from here.


Readers' Cafe: You do need to munch on when chilling out with friends. And revolutions, too, are not brought out with an empty belly. So, a tiny cafe serves delicious bites round the hour, along with awesome beverages. The hangout also houses an ever-growing (through contributions) library, so pick your read, before you take the table.

Activism workshop: Campaigning for victims of acid attacks helped us realize that most of them come from a background where education is still limited to learning the basics of reading and writing. Using a computer or a mobile phone to connect and create still remains out of reach for many young girls being brought up in miserable circumstances through out the country. The activism workshops at Sheroes Hangout are aimed at training girls to use computers and other gadgets and helping them utilise social media as a real tool of empowerment and outreach. Programmes based on basic legal awareness, judicial and political procedures, cinema, art & culture and gender issues keep the workshops engaging and lively.

Handicrafts & Exhibition Space: While the handicraft work of our Sheroes is always on display at the Hangout for sale, the exhibition space will provide a venue to many others in the country to come exhibit/perform their skills. The idea is to organize gatherings like poetry and book readings, jewellery and other design exhibits to engage Sheroes in a constructive activity, while also generating funds to run this space.


This space is a result of Stop Acid Attacks campaign and is owned by Chhanv Foundation, both based out of New Delhi. In order to help us improve the facilities at this centre of new wave feminism, do drop a line on sheroes.hangout@gmail.com

Sheroes' Hangout
Oppsosite The Gateway Hotel (Taj View)
Fatehabad Road, Agra,
Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact Nos. +91-562-4000401, +91-7533083502